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Paraben Corporation

Paraben provides solutions. We specialize in digital forensics, risk assessment, and security, but we love technology.  Our platform’s data processing engines are renowned for the details we can pull from computers, email, mobile devices, smartphones, and IoT devices. Paraben’s technology has been around since 1999 and we have always innovated. Paraben’s E3 Platform was the first tool with a unified interface to deal with all types of digital data.  Paraben offers solutions that build new capabilities into digital investigations. Paraben’s workflow optimizes team efforts and ensures the best data production.

Paraben’s technology is also a choice in companies. As a small business, we put a personal touch in our service, sales, and personal attention to the needs of our customers.

The Cyber Social Hub

An Online Community of Digital Investigators and Cybersecurity Professionals

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Monolith Forensics

Monolith is a full featured platform to manage case work and evidence for digital forensics, eDiscovery, and incident response teams.




Where professionals come to learn, grow, and advance the OSINT tradecraft. 




SilentSignals provides OSINT, Image Analysis, and Critical Network Infrastructure network analysis forensic tools and services to public and private sector organizations around the world. 

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