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The Role of Digital Forensics in Spectrum Warfare

Rapid developments in information and communications technology have resulted in increased innovations in terms of warfare. From World War II signal technology like jamming became a mainstay in warfare; electronic warfare became virtually an integral part of the war. By the 2000s there was an increasing use of cyberspace in warfare (i.e. cyber warfare) and the emergence of attacks like Stuxnet which did not target information systems, but physical infrastructure; and tensions between Russia and its neighbors resulting in Ukraine’s power grid being brought down by Russian cyber attacks. As of 2019, the US Army merged its electronic warfare and cyber warfare operations as a result of developments in the battle spectra.

Digital forensics has a key role to play in modern-day warfare. Digital forensics tools can be used for monitoring and intelligence, as well as investigating how an attack was carried out. Digital forensics can greatly improve a nation’s dominance of the electromagnetic spectrum giving it the upper hand whether in terms of defense or offense.

Dauda Sule

Dauda Sule is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) with an M.Sc. in Computer Security and currently lectures in the Cyber Security Department of Air Force Institute of Technology, Kaduna. He has over five years of experience in the Nigerian banking industry and has been involved in training and consulting pertaining to information management, security, assurance and control; finance; fraud prevention and detection; and anti-money laundering/combating terrorist financing.
He is a continuous learner with a passion for Information Security, Assurance, and Control. He has authored and written articles for eForensics Magazine as well as ISACA Journal and has also delivered workshops related to Digital Forensics and eDiscovery for eForensics Magazine among others.

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These sessions are special 30-min sessions on topics that all investigative professionals deal with. 

Bitlocker Bypass Methods


    Speaker Bio

    Michael Zinn, Micro Systems Management

    Michael Zinn (ACE, CCE, CEH, CHFI, DSMO, MCSA, P2CE) is a recognized digital forensics and cybersecurity expert who has more than 14 years of experience working in Information Technology and is focused on cybersecurity. Michael is a Systems Engineer at Micro Systems Management who focuses on firewalls, VPNs, cybersecurity incident response, and cybersecurity training.

    Tips and Tricks for CryptoCurrency Investigations


      Speaker Bio

      John Wilson, Haystack ID

      John Wilson provides expertise and expert witness services to help companies address various matters related to digital forensics and electronic discovery (eDiscovery), including leading investigations, ensuring proper preservation of evidence items and chain of custody. He develops processes, creates workflows, leads implementation projects as well as GDPR data mapping services for clients including major financial institutions, Fortune 100 companies, AmLaw 100 law firms as well as many other organizations small and large. In addition, he provides expert witness services and consulting in matters of all sizes. His work spans some of the largest litigations and matters on record in the United States and many of the 39 countries where has worked on cases.


      “If you have not looked at attending the Paraben Forensic Innovation Conference you should. The DFIR event has great talks and lots of hands-on lab tracks. Even though the conference is called Paraben, there are a lot of other forensic companies there. And, you can talk to lots of real users. Unlike other conferences that cost thousands, this digital forensics conference is affordable for any budget. Bonus: It's in Park City UT. I plan to be there every year!"

      Ira Victor, Chief Forensic Analyst