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PFIC is doing a new format in 2024 with multiple 1-day events throughout the year. Each event will focus on amazing content that is current in the context of issues DFIR, OSINT, and Cyber professionals are dealing with. When you attend PFIC you are guaranteed to learn something new.

Register for one or more of the events and receive access to the online sessions, interact with others in the PFIC Portal, and enjoy learning!

Event Dates

  • August 21, 2024
  • November 13, 2024

Attendence is FREE for each PFIC thanks to our sponsors!

Our sponsors for PFIC have sponsored enrollment for the event and there is no cost to you to attend any of the virtual events. 

“OMG. I learned so much in the first hour of PFIC my mind is blown. As you may or may not be aware, I have been in investigations for over 35 years. I speak internationally on Police Policy and Procedure INVESTIGATIONS. I have NEVER at least that I Can recall, learned so much in one hour! This is such an incredible journey.”

Frank DeAndrea DeAndrea Investigations

Our 2024 Sponsors

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PFIC Events

“If you have not looked at attending the Paraben Forensic Innovation Conference you should. The DFIR event has great talks and lots of hands-on lab tracks. Even though the conference is called Paraben, there are a lot of other forensic companies there. And, you can talk to lots of real users. Unlike other conferences that cost thousands, this digital forensics conference is affordable for any budget.”

Ira Victor, Chief Forensic Analyst


“This was my first year attending PFIC, and I could not have been more pleased with the conference. Even in a virtual format, the speakers were incredible, the content they provided was the best I have seen this year. And even when the sponsors came on, it wasn’t a “buy my product” but a “here’s how it’s used in a forensic case.” This is how a virtual conference should be done, I cannot wait to go to the next one.”
Joe Seanor, Cyber Forensic Services

“I was extremely pleased with the incredible professional level of speakers throughout this forum. The information they provided was extremely valuable. Throughout both my police career and digital forensics, I would rate this forum at the very top. PARABEN did an excellent job.”

James Bogers MJB group

“The caliber of the speakers was through the roof. I had a tremendous time and appreciated the speaker’s genuine want to educate and share their insight within the topics discussed. As a Cybersecurity Professor, I value events such as these which provide such a monumental array of knowledge, that I then get to share with my students. The value I obtained while attending this conference is everlasting. I especially appreciated the many tool demos which I have been showing my place of business in hopes to have them finance new tools to enhance our productivity, efficacy, and accuracy. Thank you, Amber Schroader and Paraben for hosting such a fun event for us nerds!”
Karla Soler